Cosmic Baubles and Jewels adventures in Jewelry

This is going to be my log of the trials and tribulations in the world of jewelry design.

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Flex Rings in the works

Got the first of the Crochet Flower Flex Rings up and so far a great response. The Copper Frog, the brick and mortar I'm working with, has already ordered one in each color. Rachel I'm probably making another order soon. Took an order up to Elkader, where the brick and mortar is, yesterday of both custom and some items that have been in my shop for a while and she purchased everything. That was just wild and suddenly I feel like and established business. Got a new wireless printer for invoices and eventually press packages, brochures, and ext. for eventual shows. Working on stuff for my shop right now. Trying to get some last minute Valentine pieces up and more of the large and little flowers. Been concentrating on the brick and mortar's orders for the last couple of weeks. Have to bring up a larger order at the end of Feb. Going to be very busy for a while. Can't wait to see over the next week the response to the Flower Jewelry. I really have hopes for them.


Monday, January 24, 2011

lots of inspiration

Girls Day yesterday with my 2 and my girlfriends and their daughters. Great day! Loads of inspiration for my oldest's Wedding Jewelry that I'm making for the Bridal party. Gave my one "niece" the Deep Purple Medallion Necklace in Gunmetal for Gala this Fri and put together earrings for it last night. So happy with how those turned out! Must make more of them for the shops. Getting lots of stuff together for taking pieces up to the shop up north. Can't wait to see the reaction to them. Hoping the general public will like them. Back to the work table now.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting there

Well got some new pieces together last weekend for the brick and mortar and 3 flowers made into a bracelet and a couple of necklaces. One of them can be a brooch too. Little one was so sick with an ear infection and that took priority so pics didn't get taken or anything listed. Taking in stuff to the brick and mortar hopefully Wens, weather barring. Hope she likes the pics I sent her. Getting a great reaction to the flower pieces! thanks so much Rachel, Maybe Matilda. She did a great job making them Can't wait to get the smaller ones in and work with them. I hoping to work on a couple of pieces tonight still; see how it goes.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brick and Mortar

I will be having my  pieces in a brick and mortar in Elkader, Ia. She sells vintage items and has all these fantastic pieces that I was given to rework and update. I then sell them back to her but my name and business is attached to everything, The even better thing is all the tourist traffic that the town gets in the summer. So much exposure and I get to play with really great stuff! Win Win!! Rachel, MaybeMatilda, made these fantastic crochet flowers that I'm working into necklaces and others that are looking really great. Wore a piece last night for market research and it went over huge!! Pics coming soon, I promise. Have to get busy on more pieces taking the first batch up on Thurs. Busy busy fingers!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gonna Get Busy

Ok, now I've scavenged around for bits, gotten in some supplies with more really cool ones coming and I organized. Tomorrow is going to a productive day, think positive!, I have some cute Valentine Earrings that are dancing around in my head; and I can "mass market" these. Want to start putting together a Steampunk piece and see how that turns out. Of course I am at the mercy of my delightful 14 month old who just gives me that big grin and squinches up her nose and all I want to do is kiss her and play with her. But at least she plays well at my feet playing with her special necklaces, just tooo cute. I guess I'll have to make a doggie bracelet or something for my Eldest girl. She and her fiancee have made me a "puppy grandma". He is pretty cute at 6 months, big paws for a yellow lab. Get to visit with them soon while we try to convince little one to try on her flower girl dress. Also have to get started on her wedding jewelry and my cousin's too. Sheesh, I think I've already ran out of time for everything. :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Updates and SteamPunk

Ok, first back to trying the blogging thing here again. I will try to update as often as I can.

Update on one necklace that seems to be getting some attention, not just on Etsy, but on and Facebook. "Keys to Universe" Statement Necklace was inspired both by the NASA contest awhile back, but also my daughters who I want give the "Keys" to. I took some better pics that hopefully show the detail better.

Is it rude to say "Thanks so much for all the accolades, but could you buy something at least!?" Now I'm mentally ducking as my Mother takes a swipe at me for being very inconsiderate. LOL I really do appreciate all the great and positive comments. It still surprises me sometimes that other people, not counting family and close friends, seem to like my pieces enough to buy them. :D 

I have to decided to jump in and explore the world of Steampunk Jewelry. Doing the research on it has been fun and it is really kinda cool. Haven't decided if it's me yet; but I'm willing to give it a shot. Yesterday afternoon roped in my parents into dismantling an old irobot, radio, outdoor digital weather station and scrounged around the house and garage. Once we got started though I think they were having way to much fun. Mom wants to hit the resale shops for old watches and clocks and other little machines for Dad to tear into and see whats cool in there. The old family farm gets hit on Thursday for scrounging. I'm figuring on some really neat stuff given that my Grandmother is a packrat and loved going to auctions and buying mystery boxes. If this gets really going good not only will everybody's broken and forgotten jewelry be in danger, but also garages and toolchests, misc drawers. HEHE just watch out people I'm coming for your pretties and cool bits too! 

Well need to fix little one lunch. she was watching way to close yesterday may have to keep an eye out for the appliances. Post more pics of some items later.