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This is going to be my log of the trials and tribulations in the world of jewelry design.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gonna Get Busy

Ok, now I've scavenged around for bits, gotten in some supplies with more really cool ones coming and I organized. Tomorrow is going to a productive day, think positive!, I have some cute Valentine Earrings that are dancing around in my head; and I can "mass market" these. Want to start putting together a Steampunk piece and see how that turns out. Of course I am at the mercy of my delightful 14 month old who just gives me that big grin and squinches up her nose and all I want to do is kiss her and play with her. But at least she plays well at my feet playing with her special necklaces, just tooo cute. I guess I'll have to make a doggie bracelet or something for my Eldest girl. She and her fiancee have made me a "puppy grandma". He is pretty cute at 6 months, big paws for a yellow lab. Get to visit with them soon while we try to convince little one to try on her flower girl dress. Also have to get started on her wedding jewelry and my cousin's too. Sheesh, I think I've already ran out of time for everything. :D

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