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Friday, January 28, 2011

New Flex Rings in the works

Got the first of the Crochet Flower Flex Rings up and so far a great response. The Copper Frog, the brick and mortar I'm working with, has already ordered one in each color. Rachel I'm probably making another order soon. Took an order up to Elkader, where the brick and mortar is, yesterday of both custom and some items that have been in my shop for a while and she purchased everything. That was just wild and suddenly I feel like and established business. Got a new wireless printer for invoices and eventually press packages, brochures, and ext. for eventual shows. Working on stuff for my shop right now. Trying to get some last minute Valentine pieces up and more of the large and little flowers. Been concentrating on the brick and mortar's orders for the last couple of weeks. Have to bring up a larger order at the end of Feb. Going to be very busy for a while. Can't wait to see over the next week the response to the Flower Jewelry. I really have hopes for them.


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